DataJoe for Publishers

We're bona fide data nerds. 


Johnny Levy
President/Chief Nerd

If you are a publisher, such as a Business Journal, City Magazine, or Trade Journal, then DataJoe can be a powerful partner. DataJoe is a turnkey research and data provider.

News is your specialty. 
Data is ours.

We specialize in delivering:
  • Nominations (Top Docs, Lawyers, Dentists, etc.)
  • Book of Lists & Individual Rankings (Top Banks, Top Accounting Firms, etc.)
  • Industry Directories (Medical Directory, Real Estate Directory)

Sampling of Clients:
  • Washingtonian Magazine
  • Crain's City Books (Crain's New York, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland)
  • Source Media
  • Phoenix Magazine
  • FloridaTrend
  • Twin Cities Business Magazine
  • Coastal Virginia Magazine

We get pretty fired up about research and data.  We know it's nerdy.  And we don't care.

Nerd out with us! Request a Demo.  

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