Best Real Estate Brokers

"How can we create our Best Real Estate Brokers list more efficiently, accurately, and profitably?"

DataJoe provides a software platform for Best Real Estate Brokers projects. The goals of DataJoe are:
  1. Increase response rate. Get a more votes, more participation.
  2. Eliminate manual tallying of votes. This usually occurs in Excel, after voting is finished. DataJoe removes the necessity for Excel tabulation as it tallies dynamically as ballots are processed.
  3. Increase accuracy. DataJoe's workflow eliminates steps that can lead to undesirable margin for error. For example, DataJoe eliminates the need for extensive Excel tabulation and merging of fuzzy-duplicates, which may or may not be true duplicates.
  4. Reduce manual verification for winners. For a robust list, after voting, editors usually reach out and verify contact information for winners. They may also collect interesting data about the winners in order to publish compelling profiles online. DataJoe automates verification.
  5. Automate print export of final published list.
  6. Automate online display of final published list.
  7. Enable new online revenue streams. With DataJoe Enhancement Tools, it becomes possible to easily sell enhancements for winners who desire a more robust profile.
D Magazine is an example of a DataJoe client that uses the platform to produce its yearly Best Real Estate Agents list.  (Note: the online display for D Mag's Best RE Agents list is not powered by DataJoe, although DataJoe does provide online list display tools for many of its clients.)

DataJoe provides a workflow and software platform that saves time and empowers editorial teams.  The DataJoe platform provides a better workflow following these stages:
  1. Source Data Acquisition. Gaining emails so that voting ballots can be sent directly to the voter's inbox, in addition to driving voters to a public form.
  2. Survey Blast Voting.  DataJoe enables you to blast ballots directly to voters via email. Voters receive ballots and vote (we have seen a drastically higher percentage of response from direct email ballots, as opposed to driving people to a public link.) DataJoe ballots provide auto-population to avoid creating duplicates. Try this out (try typing in "John" in one of the voting boxes, and notice that a list of all nominees with that name will appear.)
  3. Selection of Winners.  Publication selects the winners based on top percentage, or highest number of votes. This is easy to do in DataJoe, since you will be able to view a dynamic list of ALL candidates, ranked by highest number of votes.
  4. Survey Blast Verification. Automated survey for acquiring/updating published contact information directly from winners, along with any other information you would like to publish in their profile.
  5. Print Publishing. Design and formatting for print feature, exports directly out of DataJoe in Word, Excel, CSV, or even InDesign Tags.
  6. Online Publishing. Deploying the results online - DataJoe provides a "widget" that you can integrate directly with your site. If desired, you can enable "listing enhancements" that will give your winners an opportunity to purchase a more robust listing.
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