City Guides

We produce a variety of city guides (Dining Guide, Shopping Guide, Healthcare Guide) that are not "reader's choice" driven. How can we make these directories more accurate, profitable, and efficient?

Many publishers create local "guides" that are basically directories of establishments, their contact info, and short descriptions. Typically, these products create revenue through print advertising and online enhancements (i.e., a restaurant can get a free listing, or can pay for an "upgrade" in which the company gets special color/style treatment, extra text, hotlink to Web site, or other perks.)

  • Initial data collection/population
  • Manual updating as companies update their own listings, or admins make updates. 

  • Once the initial data is collected, these guides tend to run on autopilot. Updates are generally made manually, and rarely. For this reason, the guides tend to get out-of-date and can become inaccurate. 
  • Because there is no easy way to "push" listings out to their owners and ask for updates, then two missed opportunities occur: 1.) an opportunity to collect more accurate data, and 2.) an opportunity to ask if the company wants to upgrade its listing.

DataJoe provides solutions that can make city guides more accurate and more profitable.
  • Survey companies directly out of the database on a regular basis, asking for updates. 
  • Give those companies the opportunity to purchase an enhancement right through the survey. 
  • Add richer, deeper data to the actual guide so it has more value to the public.

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