New Product Ideas

DataJoe partners with publishers to save time and increase revenue.

We’ve discovered that the best way to drive substantial new revenue for our clients is to help them launch new products with proven revenue potential.

Over the last few years, DataJoe has introduced new products into various markets, such as an inaugural Book of Lists in Richmond, VA, a new top list program in Delaware, and our newest venture – the first ever Book of Lists in Montana.

This year, we have a variety of options available for introducing new products into their markets.  Our goal will be help each partner generate at least $50K in new profit through the partnership.

Please review the list below. If you see a product that you would like to introduce into your market, then send me an email immediately to get the party started.

Legal Elite/Leaders in Law (List)
Peer-Voting Product. DataJoe enables local attorneys to vote for the peers they would trust and refer family to.
Best of Business Nomination (List)
Peer-Voting Product. DataJoe enables businesses in the market to vote for the most respected businesses in the community, in a variety of categories.
People on the Move: Paid Content (List)
Process and platform for generating paid content from people on the move news submissions. 
Business Announcements: Paid Content (List)
Process and platform for generating paid content fromcompany news/press release submissions.
Titans of Business/Overall Best Performance (List)
Re-combo Product. Take the top 10 from each list and give them special honors with an online presentation.
Executive Directory/Who’s Who in Business (List)
Take your existing contacts. Categorize them into groups by title. Create a special online presentation showcasing their unique traits, history, and awards won over the years.
Executive Eats Nomination (List)
Peer-Voting Product. Ask the business community about their favorite restaurants in a variety of categories.
Outliers/Notable Accomplishments (Directory)
Re-combo Product. Take companies who have exhibited notable characteristics in a variety of categories, such as Revenue Growth, Expansions, etc.

Awards Program
Have a variety of business awards.