Data Management Software

DataJoe is a software system engineered for business publishers who produce interactive ranked lists, editorial directories, and other rich data sets.  The DataJoe system contains modules for research, print-publishing, and online publishing of rich data products. DataJoe reports an average time-savings for users as 340 hours per year, per FTE staff member.

Data Management Software
The DataJoe database is tuned specifically for searching, adding, editing, and maintaining company and person records, as well as "thing" records like deals, transactions, and other record types. A lot of the functionality is what you'd expect from any database. However, there are a few exceptions that make DataJoe the best fit for business publishers who create business rankings and editorial directories.
  • Online Access. DataJoe is a hosted solution, so admins can access the database securely wherever they have Internet access. Comes in handy if someone gets snowed in, but still needs to meet a deadline.
  • Assigned Privileges. The chief administrator can discreetly assign privileges to other users. Let's say you have a new intern with an itchy trigger finger for clicking "delete ..." you can take away his delete privileges, neutralizing the problem.
  • Field Level Logging. A historical record is kept of EACH CHANGE to EVERY RECORD in the database. This includes details about when it was changed, who changed it, and what is was changed from. A life save when you have a lot of "cooks in the kitchen."
  • Customized Search Interfaces. You can actually customize search interfaces to search across the fields that make sense. The options here are nearly unlimited. 
  • Automated Survey. Send discreet survey blasts directly from the database, to contacts at companies within the applicable group. For example, it's that time of year to get in touch with all the Accounting Firms for your annual ranking ... Blast them all in a matter of moments with a professional e-mail that enables the recipients to securely update existing data or provide new data.
  • Flexible Form Creation. Create your own data forms and surveys with an easy-to-use manager. You don't need to be a database administrator or a techie to use this -- it's easy.
  • Complex Queries (Saved Custom Queries). Build and save your own complex custom queries -- searches that you use all the time. Again, this is not rocket science for techies. DataJoe is for everyone.
  • BlueLines. With a click of a button, you can see how a list or directory is stacking up, based on the data you have currently received. Make a change, and the list will auto-update, re-ranking and re-sorting based on the criteria you have set!
  • Export for Print. See Database-to-Print Utilities
  • Publish Online. See Online Data Publishing
  • E-commerce. See Data E-commerce