Online Survey Software - Survey-to-Database Tool

Online Survey Software - Considerations
You're probably familiar with Survey Monkey and Zoomerang. These guys are great for quick polls, or for one-off projects where you need to get fast feedback from companies, and collate results into an Excel file. But what if you are building a comprehensive, ever-growing database of company records, which feeds into multiple products? A one-off solution won't cut it.  In cases like these, using an online survey system that is not tied into a rich, sustainable database can be the recipe for a nightmare. Here's the old pattern -- survey, export, import, format, publish. And do it all over again.

Online Survey Software - DataJoe Components
DataJoe is a software system engineered for business publishers who produce ongoing interactive ranked lists, editorial directories, and other rich data sets.  The DataJoe system contains a flexible database engineered for data management, tied to a suite of survey tools for data acquisition. Your database, your surveys, print publishing, online publishing, and data e-commerce are all integrated into a single system. Think about that for a second.
  • Data Management System. Search and group companies and send blasts to particular industry sectors. Once you've isolated the right group, blast all contacts within that group. 
  • Custom Surveys. Create and save your own customized surveys, built right into the database so all data collected flows to the right place. 
  • Online Survey Blaster. Send out individual or batch blasts in a few clicks. Send e-mails, digital faxes, or HTML attachments directly to contacts in your database.
  • Online Submission. For email surveys, recipients will be directed to their own, unique, survey form (pre-populated with their data from previous years, at your discretion.) No log in or password necessary - just a direct link to a secure environment where they can input and update information for their company. This is incredibly convenient -- and optimizes response rates.
  • Survey Logs. Track successes and failures, and narrow down your follow up opportunities.
    Track opens, bounces, and submissions.
  • Holding Area. Maintain strict editorial control. All submissions flow to a "holding area," pending approval. You will be able to view the survey, with any conflicts with existing data highlighted (so you can spot red flags.) Once you approve -- and only when you approve -- the survey updates the live database. This instantly updates the applicable online products using the data.
Taken together, this process eliminates unnecessary manual entry. It  also eliminates steps between getting data from your survey utility into your database utility -- DataJoe bridges the gap by becoming both at once. 

With DataJoe it's not: "survey - verify - export - import - format - publish."

It's: "survey - verify - publish."