Database-To-Print Utility

DataJoe is a software system engineered for business publishers who produce interactive ranked lists, editorial directories, and other rich data sets.  The DataJoe system contains modules for db storage, research, print-publishing, and online publishing of rich data products.

Exporting Data for Print Products
When your data is hosted in the DataJoe database, you can export in several formats that help quicken the process of getting data into print. These formats can be customized to eliminate hours of manual formatting, while matching your publication's design guidelines.
  • *.PDF
  • Quark Tags
  • Indesign Tags
  • X-Tags
  • *.XLS / CSV
  • *.DOC
*.PDF style is typically used for printed rankings. Export full-color, customized tables and charts as production quality *.PDF files. If a change is required, just log back into DataJoe, make the change in the database, and re-export. This eliminates the need for changes to be made on the final layout -- since changes made directly to the static layout generally don't make it back to the database -- which leads to version control errors and degradation of the data.

Quark Tags, InDesign Tags, and X-Tags are used for complex print directories. It's a beautiful thing when you're able to flow your directory straight from the database into InDesign-compatible tagged-text, with all style attributes correctly applied. This can eliminate tons of hours devoted to manual formatting.

*.XLS / CSV. For en export of the raw data (mailings / analysis), or for die hard designers who want the data in it's most primal form so they can work their magic, there's always the *.XLS / CSV route. You can search the database and export the precise cuts of data you need.

*.DOC format is seldom used, with the advent of Tags. However, some clients have found efficiencies in using this format to export their directories.