DataJoe E-commerce Tools

Business publishers utilize a variety of methods for publishing data online. Generally, they are publishing data from ranked lists or directories. They sell access to the data using a variety of models, including "pay-per-download," database subscriptions, and custom search and download.

DataJoe E-Commerce
A large contingent of business publishers use DataJoe as the standard, dedicated solution for data e-commerce. DataJoe is a software system engineered for business publishers who produce interactive ranked lists, editorial directories, and other rich data sets.  The DataJoe system contains modules for research, print-publishing, and online publishing of rich data products.

DataJoe provides business publishers with two methods of generating revenue from their rankings and directory data:
  • Local Data E-Commerce
  • National Data E-Commerce
Local Data E-Commerce
DataJoe E-Commerce is a specialized toolset for generating revenue from company data. The toolset comprises an easy "out-of-the-box" Online Store and Online Shopping Cart. DataJoe also provides custom Online Data Storefronts. Revenue models include "pay-per-download," database subscriptions, and search & download (custom download) models. For examples of the DataJoe Online Storefront, follow the links below:
National Data E-Commerce
DataJoe provides business publishers with a venue for selling data collaboratively. The DataJoe National Marketplace is a clearing house for deep company data contributed by business and trade publishers across the nation. Visit the DataJoe National Marketplace at